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where is my kitchen? December 1, 2008

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so, my last (okay, okay, my only post) was about my purple kitchen. that i dearly love. a couple of people have written to ask about a picture. so, months later, in the middle of the night, i thought, ” hey, didn’t i start a blog a long time ago?” after an hour of looking for the site and then trying to figure out what username and password i used, i finally arrived here again. hooray! i wrote it down this time.

anyway, now that i have a home network all set up so i can sit with the laptop and look at pics from the pc, i thought i should look for a picture of my kitchen to add.

apparently there is an invisible force field around my kitchen that prevents me from taking pictures of it. well, maybe not. i have a million pictures of the living room (all of us sitting on my new brown leather couch, love it! little black dress of furniture), us playing in the backyard, us jumping on the bed, etc. you would think that we never spent time in the kitchen. although, i do feel as though i am always making a meal, serving a meal, or cleaning up after a meal. probably because i am.

so sorry the only pictures i have in the kitchen are of my kids eating. then it’s a close up of my kids and you can’t really see the kitchen so much. i will work on it. i will attempt to get my kitchen semi-presentable and take a picture.

a word of warning. this is not a designer kitchen. this is a typical kitchen. it’s a kitchen/dining combo. one day, before i die, i will redo the floor and the cabinets and counter tops, get stainless steel appliances and have everything all perfect. but that day is not today.

i have off white floors and not quite as off white counter tops. when we bought this house it had the worst color of crayola crayon blue just on the bottom of the chair rail and the cabinets. the top part was painted white. it was something. but the living room was white accept for one orange accent wall. (shudder) it was worse.

the purple is a statement. it says “look, i’m purple.” instead of, “this kitchen really needs to be remodeled.”


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