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Here’s my purple kitchen. May 23, 2009

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I love my purple kitchen. It’s the perfect shade of purple. Not too garish, not too girly, not in any way offensive or jarring to people who see it. People hardly notice that it is purple. The color is very purple but it’s a soothing color that doesn’t scream “this lady really loves purple!”

I tried to pick the color using paint chips and I ended up with 3 gallons of blue paint. It looked like a good shade at the store. But it was blue. Not the periwinkle I was going for. I think a purple on the blue side is better for a common area than one on the pink side. Anything pink kinda screams preschool girl. I also think that mine is perfect… so there. The way I picked my color ultimately was by grabbing an old purple towel from the linen closet, holding it up against the wall and liking it. The towel was great because it’s big enough to get an idea of how the color would look in a large area. The same idea as those color test tubes you can buy at some paint stores, but also functional. So my advice is to skip the paint chips and the over priced samples and go anywhere they sell towels. For less than $5 you can see how a color will look at your house on your wall. The light is different at your house. Much different. And better. Remember industrial lighting is why we all look horrible when we try on bathing suits in dressing rooms. And good wall color at home or not, you still have a towel in a color that you like.

The only real trouble with the towel is that the paint people can’t match it with their machine. But that’s not a big deal because if you take your towel to the paint chips than you can always find a matching color. I went to Lowe’s. Why? Cheap paint. You don’t need to buy the brand of paint on your paint chip. You can buy the cheapest stuff and then use their fancy machine. Same color, cheaper. My father in law is a painter. Interior, and exterior. He always buys the least expensive paint because….. it’s the same color.

So. Drum roll please. The name of my perfect paint color is…………………. Violet Verbena C45b from Olympic Paints Available exclusively at Lowe’s (at least that’s what the back of the paint chip says)

Don’t get caught up in that though, I am sure that every paint chip rack has the exact same color, I just don’t know the name of them……. Okay, I found one on Here it’s called Peruvian Violet 660F-6. Above is a picture from their website. I’d take a picture of my kitchen, but it’s only ever company ready five minutes before company arrives and this get’s the point across.
purple kitchen example
The reason I believe my purple works is because I have white cabinets, white trim, white counter tops, white tiled floor and black appliances. The biggest mistake people make when choosing kitchen colors is not taking their wood cabinets into account. Since mine are white I could pick anything. Wood is a color. The color is brown. Every brown does not go with every color. I have hardwood floors throughout my house. They are kind of an orangey brown. I really had to take that into account when picking my paint colors for the house. Some wood is more yellow than orange, some is a more neutral espresso color. They are all fine but they are all still a color. The good news is that you can pick up a wood finish chip with the paint chips. They are only steps away. You can find the color that works for you, or you can always paint your cabinets white.

My SWAT team, Marine husband is not offended or embarrassed by the color at all. Purple can be good.

Have fun and never be afraid to have………. A PURPLE KITCHEN!


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