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Awesome blog picture! May 23, 2009

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blog C’mon it’s awesome. Who is that? She looks totally mysterious and unrecognizable from real life. A little misty and watercolor-ish. Is she pretty? I can’t tell.

Yeah. It’s me from Halloween. That’s an elastic gold leaf band on my head. I was a Greek goddess. Which one? Yeah. I dunno. My husband really wanted to be a Spartan guy from 300. I couldn’t talk him out of it. I really, really tried though. His, ahem, dress ended up being a little short so he had to wear shorts so he wouldn’t flash the family at our Halloween party. I (being a wonderful, perfect wife and mother) dressed to match him as best I could.

I was looking for a picture and this is way zoomed in (grainy) and I messed with the colors and brightness a bit.

I’m proud.

It looks like me and yet not. I could almost be one of those heaving bosom chicks from a romance novel. “I need you Thorne,  the Relentless.” (swoon)